Commerce Bank Launches toggle®

Nov 4, 2015

Toggle_Logo_OrangGrad_RGBPhi Kappa Phi partner Commerce Bank recently introduced toggle® —a new feature that will allow you to manage the spending on your Phi Kappa Phi Rewards Visa® Credit Card like a debit card, but with the rewards of a credit card.

toggle® is a free and flexible payment feature that lets card holders Pay Now™ or Pay Later™ for any credit card purchases, all on one card. toggle® will allow you to link up to two checking accounts from any financial institution to your Phi Kappa Phi Rewards Visa® Credit Card to pay for specific purchases based on the payment preferences you set. It’s easy, flexible and free!

Features offered through toggle include:

  • Pay Now™ – Choose specific purchase types you wish to Pay Now™ from a checking account linked to your Commerce Bank credit card.
  • Pay Later™ – Use your credit card as you normally would by leaving purchases on your card to Pay Later™.
  • Unwind® – Return funds used to Pay Now™ for a specific purchase to your checking account and place the purchase back on your credit card to Pay Later™.

Ready to start using toggle®? Click here if you are a current Phi Kappa Phi Rewards Visa® credit card holder. If you are interested in applying for a Phi Kappa Phi Rewards Visa® credit card, click here.

For more information, contact Jamie Chapman at