Member Testimonials: Phi Kappa Phi Merit Program

Feb 18, 2014

Since its implementation last year, the Merit program has been successful in celebrating member achievements such as being initiated into Phi Kappa Phi, receiving a scholarship or award, becoming a chapter officer and more. Just take it from a few members who have taken advantage of the powerful tool:

"Merit is a great way of letting other Phi Kappa Phi members—and potential employers—know what makes you stand out! I'm glad I get to share my activities and interests with other members so easily." – Allison Epstein, University of Michigan

"I love the Merit Page because it allows members to document their achievements while simultaneously serving as a beneficial networking tool both inside and outside of the Phi Kappa Phi organization. I think it's fantastic that we can connect with our fellow members, and share our accomplishments through a wide range of social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. The Phi Kappa Phi Merit Page is a magnificent addition to today's professional social media spectrum." – Brittany L. Reid, University of West Georgia

“I was surprised and pleased when Phi Kappa Phi introduced me to Merit. I am very involved at Wright State University, and Merit allows others to see my achievements and what I take pride in." – Alyssa Andel, Wright State University 

If you haven’t claimed your Merit profile yet, do so today! To learn more about the program including how to request a profile, click here. Visit the Phi Kappa Phi Merit page to see the latest member achievements.