Lumosity Discount Increased to 35 Percent

Jamie Chapman
May 17, 2019
Lumosity 478x263

At Lumos Labs, they believe in helping people keep their brains challenged. That's why they created a simple online tool to allow anyone to exercise core cognitive abilities. Lumosity's groundbreaking program is based on extensive research in the field of neuroplasticity. Over 90 million people already use Lumosity, and they're adding more each month.

We’re excited to announce that Lumosity recently increased the Phi Kappa Phi member discount to 35%! Active members can take advantage of these exclusive savings and start training today!

To browse and purchase your subscription, click the corresponding link below and the discount will be automatically applied to your purchase:

Individual Plans (one-year, two-year and lifetime subscriptions available)

Family Plans (one-year and two-year subscriptions available)

Gift Subscriptions (two-month, six-month, one-year and two-year subscriptions available)

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