Apply to Serve on the Council of Students

Feb 9, 2016

The role of Student Vice President is a unique one within the organization of Phi Kappa Phi. Members chosen for this position have the chance to make real connections between the chapter officers on campus and student members. Being selected as a member of the Council of Students offers an opportunity to make these connections on a national level.

If you are interested in serving as a representative for student members at a national level, you are encouraged to apply for the 2016-2018 Council of Students.

The Council of Students, per the Society bylaws, consists of no fewer than five members, representative of the student membership as a whole. These students will gain valuable leadership skills and will communicate regularly with staff at Society headquarters and the two Student Representatives that serve on the Board of Directors.

The Council will meet at the Phi Kappa Phi Convention in Atlanta, Ga., July 27-31, with all expenses covered by Phi Kappa Phi. This opportunity requires a commitment to serve through the 2018 biennium, when the Society selects its next Council of Students.

Interested in applying? Download the Council of Students Application for full eligibility requirements and submission instructions. All applications must be submitted via email to by May 20, 2016.