Take Part in the Phi Kappa Phi Book Drive Competition!

Sep 25, 2014

Beginning next week on October 1, chapters are encouraged to host a book drive as part of the second Phi Kappa Phi Book Drive Competition. The competition, created by the Council of Students, aims to encourage and promote literacy in the communities and campuses served by Phi Kappa Phi’s chapters.

Each participating chapter is tasked with collecting as many books as possible to donate to an organization of their choice. The book drives can take place anytime between October 1 and December 31, 2014.

The chapters that collect the most books will receive a “Little Free Library” (pictured right) to place at a location of their choice. Chapters that win this prize will also receive $150 to cover the design cost for personalizing the library. To learn more about Little Free Library, visit

This project is a great way to promote Phi Kappa Phi on your campus and in the community. In addition, your participation in this book drive can help encourage a love of learning and enable access to opportunities that can last a lifetime!

To learn more about the Book Drive Competition and download important resources, click here. And don’t forget to read the results from the inaugural contest, which was held earlier this year between February and April.