2020-2022 Slate of Nominees

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About Phi Kappa Phi

The following individuals have agreed to stand for election and the slate was approved by the Board of Directors at its spring meeting. Please contact execdirector@phikappaphi.org with any questions. 

Click on each position below for nominee bios and statements.
* The starred positions are uncontested as they are members of a committee [Chapter Development] with specific eligibility.

Lora Becker
Philip Phillips

Vice President for Chapter Development *
George Randels

(5 to be elected)
Mahalley Allen
Andrus Ashoo

Kevin Frazier

Hugh McHarg

Edina Oestreicher

Cynthia O'Neal

June Pilcher

Sharhonda Rush

Virginia Stormer

Leslie Zenk

Graduate Student Representative 
Christopher Pritchard
Matthew Melton

Undergraduate Student Representative
Quinn Ceilly
Aly Nguyen

Divisional Vice Presidents *

Division I - Jonathan D. Kotinek

Division II - Jamie Byrne-McCollum

Division III - Lesley Casarez
Division IV - Ron Tulley
Division V - Alison Gregory

Member, Foundation Board of Trustees
Ryan Maley

Morton Ann Gernsbacher

Divisional Vice Presidents

Division I

Dennis Cooley, North Dakota State University
Jonathan D. Kotinek, Texas A&M University

Related Information

  • Election Guidelines

  • Nominees' video responses to a prompt will be posted in July.

  • Voting will be conducted electronically. Each active chapter and each voting board member will have one vote.


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