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Tips for individuals preparing Phi Kappa Phi Literacy Grant proposals

  • Be sure your project director is an active member of Phi Kappa Phi. If not, contact Society Headquarters to renew your membership.
  • In your project description, please provide as much detail as possible about the number of people reached or benefiting from the project.
  • Explain how you will announce and promote Phi Kappa Phi's sponsorship of your project.
  • When preparing your budget, give consideration to how Phi Kappa Phi funds will best be used. If meals or transportation are critical to the success of your project, please explain this in detail.  Otherwise, these expenses may be perceived as extraneous.
  • If you will receive donated goods or matched funds, please indicate this in your budget.
  • If you applied and did not receive a grant, apply again! The program has limited funds so your proposal may have been very deserving. Send it in again!
  • Do not include stipends or overhead costs in your budget. All the funds are meant to be used for the project.

Our Reasoning

These are not grants that are meant to make extensive use of campus resources. They are meant to be funding opportunities for reaching out to the community and engaging human resources, not university facilities. We don't expect the project directors to use labs, for example, or other campus equipment except in a minimal way. So, there are no dollars provided to pay the university. For more detailed information, please contact Kelli Partin, Awards Manager, at

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